Our History

Telangana State Medical Council is a body corporate established by an Act of the State Legislature vide Act.No.23 of 1968, by integrating the hitherto State Medical Councils i.e. Hyderabad and Telangana State Council. For certain reasons, a notification issued in G.O.Ms.No.662 on 19th December 1991 constituting the Governing Body under the Provisions of Section 3 of the Telangana State Medical Practitioners (Amendment) Registration Act 1986. The Governing Body consists of Elected Representatives (7) the Director of Medical Education, Director of Health and the Director, Institute of Preventive Medicine being the Ex-officio Members, two are the representatives of University of Health Sciences and Four are members nominated by Government of Telangana State .

There are two sub-committees constituted under Section 12 of the Act.

(i) Finance Committee - dealing with matters related to Budget of the Council and other Financial matters

(ii) Ethical and Malpractices Committee dealing with matters of Complaints against Medical Practitioners and make necessary recommendations to the Council, after an enquiry into the complaints.

The Primary responsibility of the Council is to register the eligible Medical Graduates of Modern Scientific Medicine, maintain professional standards and to discharge other functions as provided in the State Act as well as provided in the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956, thus keeping watch on the activities of professional personnel.

The first meeting of the Telangana State Medical Council was held on 21st March, 1992 and the Council has started taking various steps and discharging its functions as per the Act and the rules made there under, and initiating action against the erring doctors.

The main function of the Council is to maintain professional discipline among medical practitioners and also to perform the functions imposed on the Council under the Indian Medical Council Act. The task of maintaining proper standards of medical profession is onerous. The Council is empowered to frame regulations, which are necessary for carrying out the purposes of Telangana State Medical Practitioners Registration Act 1968. There was no code of Conduct and etiquette and Code of ethic's existed in Telangana State. The need for preparing a CODE OF MEDICAL ETHICS was discussed in detail and the Council entrusted the work of Codification of Ethics to the Sub-committee of the Council. While considering various aspects, the sub-committee gone in depth of the Code of Medical Ethics approved by Government of India u/s 33 (m) of I.M.C. Act 1956 and Code of Medical Ethics existed in the States of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Gujarat and West Bengal. After examining all these codes, a Draft Code of Medical Ethics was prepared by the Sub-committee besides incorporating the Enquiry procedure, provisions or the Act related to the Penalties and punishments, the powers of the Council in conducting enquiry as vested in Civil Courts by the Code of Civil procedure. The Draft Code of Medical Ethics was adopted and approved by the Council.

There are many complaints against the medical practitioners and most of them related to:

(a) III - equipped facilities

(b) Delay in treating the patients

(c) Negligence and inefficiency in treating the patients

(d) Issuing improper Medical Certificates i.e. in the forms other than prescribed by the Central Government or the State Medical Council.

(e) False Medical Certificates

In view of the flow of complaints against the Medical Practitioners, the Telangana State Medical Council expects from Practitioners not to indulge in such infamous activities, maintain the noblest ideals of the profession and maintain the dignity of the profession as envisaged in the Code of Medical Ethics. In order to achieve the above aims, the Telangana State Medical Council solicit for the co-operation of every member in the Medical profession

In order to prevent manipulations in the Medical Registration Certificates, the Council got the Registration Certificates Computer-Designed and issuing the Computerised Registration Certificates with effect from 4.2.1999

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